Slots game is highly appealing, which may make you think that it is best source of earning real cash. However, there are also some complicated strategies, which are usually followed by players. One common aspect that may be observed in many slot games is the presence of reel symbols. And these symbols are of various types, which are clarified here.

Reel Symbols on The Online Slots

Standard symbols

They are noticed in most of the online slot games, and especially fruits, like oranges, lemons or grapes, are chosen as symbols. Some symbols are also related to cards, for example, Jacks, Queens or Kings. In the , you may also get the symbols, associated with underwater creatures, such as fish and oyster. These standard symbols are used only to award the winnings and have no extra usages. The winnings are offered while the similar symbols are lined up.

Wild symbols

These symbols have so large number of varieties that you may not be able to track their function. Their main role is, however, to represent some other available reel symbols. Many of the Wild Symbols are Floating, Random or Soaring. The symbols are linked randomly to more than one location of reel.


Unlike other symbols, they may give a payout as well as activate a bonus feature of the game. The main attraction of these symbols is that no matter whether you’re putting highest paylines, you will have chance to turn out the bonus features.

Bonus Symbols

They are applicable for setting off bonus rounds on a number of slots. But, they are not like Scatters. A good option through which you may let these symbols provide bonus feature is to spin minimum 3 symbols on successive reels. However, you may also get some slot games that need these bonus signs for spinning all reels. Some 3-reel online slots include only a single symbol on a specific reel. You may prompt bonus feature while such symbol rolls on payline with the activation of highest number of coins.

Thus, while you’re playing slot games, you may meet all these reel symbols. However, if the slot system is new to you, then you have to be aware of its symbols. When any of the symbols has extra usages, you may better know the work of such symbols. A simple guide on symbols can be helpful to you significantly.

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